BONES Redux: Our Top 5 Moments from “The Last Shot at a Second Chance”


Hey, Bones fans! When last we left our gang, they found out there was a serial killer on the loose, but they don’t seem all that worried about it and are instead focused on the fallout from Brennan punching out the meninist who told Booth to put a muzzle on her. Let’s get on with the Bones Top Five Moments!?

What? Me worry?
Brennan is about to be deposed but seems unaffected, so it’s great that Booth is carrying around enough worry and anxiety for the both off them. He stresses the bureau’s love of accountability and remorse, but Brennan is quite pleased with herself over the altercation and cannot be swayed, until…well, there’s a “thing” the hero of her latest novel does on page 214, and Booth promises to do it if she complies. It sounds athletic.

But Squintern Jessica’s “What could they possibly do to her?” seems like a jinx. Let’s go into the hearing and find out…

And it seems even though Booth participated in page 214, Brennan states she’s dang proud of her actions. And indeed the smug look on her face confirms it, until she’s told that if Booth’s testimony goes as well as hers did, she won’t be allowed to work with the bureau anymore. Rut roh.

In the end, with Booth by her side, Brennan does take accountability for her actions. However, Honest Booth, when asked to confirm if Brennan will never hit someone again, is hesitant to make that declaration but insists she deserves a second chance. It’s then decided that Brennan will go on six months’ probation, overseen by Booth. Essentially, she screws up, he gets punished. Brennan is not on board with this, but Booth just wants to agree and not make any waves. They squabble over this until the fade to black…

Awkward moments
Aubrey and Jessica are a thing? Well, almost a thing. If they can have their first kiss without one of them ending up with a bloody nose. And being interrupted by murder and a car going through a ten-feet-deep puddle. Moment spoiled.

In the end they decide not to rush the kiss, but when Jessica almost gets hit by a car, Aubrey pulls her out of the way, and they wind up lying on the pavement together, kissing like it’s their job. Congrats, guys.

Sebastian meets with Angela at the Jeffersonian about her latest work, only she totally forgets that he and Cam broke up five minutes ago and doesn’t warn Cam not to walk into her office. Not awkward at all.

Hodgins Has a Breakthrough
Hodgins is pushing Angela away and shrugging off every touch. She’s an abused wife at this point. It doesn’t seem like her to continue to take it.

As Angela says, “You do you, and I’ll do me” is no way to have a marriage. Angela, just go to Sebastian’s studio. At this point, you should be living there.

And to make matters worse, Angela is having sex dreams about Sebastian, because of course when your husband is verbally abusing you on a daily basis, and you have a charming, hot, sweet man who appreciates you and your work, this is inevitable. The bad news is, Angela fell asleep at her desk while having the dream, and Hodgins heard her say his name.

Even Brennan tries to talk sense into him, but they get into a circular surviving/living argument. Suffice it to say that Hodgins has given up all hope.

There’s an excellent Angela/Brennan bonding moment where Angela spills it all, and Brennan points out he can operate normally. So they could have a sex life, if Hodgins stops verbally abusing Angela for five minutes. The hug at the end was perfect. I love these two as friends.

In the end, Hodgins tries to give Angela all of his earthly possessions as he sails of into the sunset, alone. Angela doesn’t want any of that. She wants him and needs him to fight. At first he seems unmoved, but he does come home to Angela crying in bed and holds her hand. It’s a beautiful moment to see these two connect again. I’m just glad that’s over with, and next week it looks like we’re back to the real Hodgins. I’ve missed him.

Corpse of the Week
Lola Marshall, thirty two, recent resident of the local penitentiary for dealing crack. She was considered a fugitive, because two weeks ago she failed to show up at her halfway house where she was staying after being paroled. I guess we know why.

The owner/operator of the halfway house is Thomas Hemingway, and I’m immediately suspicious of him. It could just be that I recognize the actor. Anyway, he says Lola was doing well with group therapy and learning how to cope in mock interviews, because she got hired by a donut shop right away.

Her roommate at the halfway house, Jasmine, says Lola got beaten up really bad while in prison. She was laid up for months and bored, so she wound up getting her GED and turned her life around.

Anyway, a guy named Kenny was mad at Lola. He was her old supplier, and she turned state’s evidence against him. Coincidentally, Booth met Kenny while he was in prison. As he and Aubrey go to meet up with Kenny, Aubrey reads off Kenny’s file, which isn’t too promising, but since Kenny had Booth’s back during his time in the joint, he won’t hear of it.

They go to the cleanest mechanic shop I’ve ever seen, where Kenny is happy to see Booth, but not so much Aubrey, who appears to be in full jerk mode. Booth shuts down the questioning rather quickly, and Aubrey wonders if Booth’s gut and loyalty to the guy who got knifed for him is getting in the way of treating Kenny as a suspect.

Lola had a daughter, Kalani, when she was really, really young, and that daughter is now almost eighteen and having a baby of her own. She’s aging out of the system and would have a baby to support, so she went to look up mom for the first time. Lola was happy to see her. Said she wanted to support them and break the cycle. If you guessed Kenny was the daddy, you’d be right, but Lola didn’t tell him about the daughter until recently. And even though Lola wanted a big, happy family, Kenny didn’t think he was fit to be a dad, so he refused to meet Kalani.

It seems Wiley Monkey is behind what’s going on. And no, Aubrey, it has nothing to do with the Roadrunner and anvils. It’s a drug that contains cocaine, heroin, and…household cleaning products? They find a batch of it in Lola’s room in a lamp that may have been the murder weapon, and they bring in Jasmine for questioning. She’s terrified, because either they’ll put her in prison for the drugs, or “he’ll” kill her, but she won’t say who “he” is.

I have a pretty good idea…

Solving the Case
And it looks like I’m right. Hemmingway beat the crap out of Lola, stuffed her in his trunk thinking she was dead, but she wasn’t and tried to claw her way out. Then he shot her. Wow.

Jasmine was selling drugs for him, and Lola found out and threatened to turn him in. Hemmingway puts on a brave face for three seconds, until B&B tell him they have physical evidence from his car. Then, without an attorney present, he admits to the killing and justifies his actions about getting something for himself for a change. He follows this up by saying they can’t send him to prison, because he’ll be killed. Uh, maybe you should have thought about that before you confessed and then justified it.

But the good news is that Kenny is ready to step up to the Daddy plate. Booth gets them together. They hug, and now Kenny has another reason to stay on the good path.

So, that’s it! Are you glad Hodgins is himself again? What about Booth being responsible for Brennan? Do you think she won’t deck anyone for six months?
See you next week!

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