SUPERNATURAL Preview: Building an Army of Enemies to Fight Amara


God had to prove himself as God in this week’s SUPERNATURAL. Naturally, the Winchester brothers were a little disbelieving, but he did a little transporting and sent Kevin’s spirit to Heaven and managed to convince them that he was the big guy. Later, Amara showed Dean that she was having a grand old time torturing Casifer, prompting the Winchesters to come up with a plan to rescue him.¬†Thanks to Metatron, they got a lead on a man named Donatello who was caught up in an Amara toxic fog (which took out a whole town) and survived because he was chosen as a prophet. They brought him back to the bunker and introduced him to God, then headed out to meet Metatron. He revealed that Chuck is going to sacrifice himself to his sister and handed them God’s autobiography as proof.

Dean went to confront God about his impending death by suicide. God revealed that he expects Amara to cage him in exchange for agreeing to his terms. And if he fails, he expects the Winchesters and the other chosen to take her down. Metatron offered to team up with the brothers, so Dean met with Amara to keep her distracted as Sam, Metatron, and Donatello rescued Casifer. Amara wanted Dean to give up on the world and join her, while Sam tried to convince Lucifer to join with them to defeat Amara. Amara realized Dean was stalling her just as Sam escaped with Casifer and the prophet, with Metatron stayed behind and was killed. God managed to save Sam, Casifer and Donatello from Amara’s wrath and healed Casifer’s injuries after a tense father-son reunion. In the end, the brothers said goodbye to Donatello.

In next week’s episode of SUPERNATURAL, God tells the Winchesters that they need to recruit the angels *and* the demons in order to defeat Amara. Naturally, Sam and Dean are skeptical as to how that will work, what with the two factions being immortal enemies and all.

Don’t miss the penultimate episode of SUPERNATURAL on May 18 at 9:00 p.m. ET/PT on The CW.

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