SUPERNATURAL Sneak Peek: God as a House Guest


With the revelation that Chuck is actually God in the last episode of SUPERNATURAL — and the fact that he also revealed himself to the Winchester brothers — Sam and Dean have landed themselves a new house guest. And it looks like he takes a lot of long showers and likes to sing terrible songs. Dean doesn’t mind telling God to simmer down when he keeps them up at night with his singing, but Sam is just really eager to know the secrets of the universe (like why God made the planets round). Of course, given Sam’s history, he may also want to ask “why did you let me rot in Hell for so long, God?”, which is a valid question.

Elsewhere in the episode, Amara is having a bit too much fun torturing Casifer, so Sam teams up with Metatron and a mysterious new character (named Donatello), to rescue the devil (see photos for the episode). Will God be having a family reunion with one of his archangels tonight?

An all new SUPERNATURAL airs tonight (May 11) at 9:00 p.m. ET/PT on The CW.

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