UnREAL Season 2 Premiere Photos: There’s a New Bachelor in Town

There’s a new bachelor on season 2 of UnREAL. Everlasting (the show within the show) has selected African American Darius Hill, an All-American football star, to act as its new eligible bachelor, bringing up all new race issues for the critical darling series.

Rachel Goldberg is also returning as Everlasting’s supervising producer and her cold-heartedness is in full force as she Quinn King struggle to get the most dramatic and outrageous footage from their contestants. Also returning as series regulars are Craig Bierko as Everlasting’s creator, Chet, who is on a quest to reclaim his full power on set; Josh Kelly as Jeremy, Everlasting’s director of photography; and Jeffrey Bowyer-Chapman as Jay, a field producer whose ambitions run far beyond the show.

Browse through photos above from the season 2 premiere of UnREAL airing on June 6 at 10:00 p.m. ET/PT on Lifetime.

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