ARROW Recap: Smoak and Kuttler vs. The End Of The World


There are so many things to love about last night’s ARROW that I don’t even know where to start.

We had great lines, Oliver actually being a mature human being and giving sound advice, Felicity at her very best and an apocalyptic feel to the entire thing. What’s not to love? “Monument Point” had everything that makes this show awesome and it set the pace for what I’m sure will be a pretty explosive finale.

Now that the team knows that Dahrk has Rubicon and is preparing to launch several nuclear missiles around the globe to effectively end the world, they have to race against the clock to try and stop him. Except disarming Rubicon is not the easiest task in the world and even Felicity needs help with it. And the only hacker that could possibly face such task is her father, who escaped Iron Heights during the Dahrk chaos.

Although she is not his biggest fan, she says she can swallow her pride and her general dislike for him, so he can help them save the world. Tracking him down is the easiest part and she finds him pretty quickly. Except when Oliver and Dig get there, he has already fled. It turns out that Dahrk is also after him, because he is the only one who has the knowledge on how to disarm Rubicon and, therefore, can ruin his plans. Felicity manages to hack into his computers, but even though he wiped his system clean, she finds a root directory called Ravenspur, which happens to sound really familiar to her, but she doesn’t know where she has heard that word before.

So she goes to Mama Smoak about it and gets more than what she bargained for, when Donna starts recounting how that’s the cabin she and Noah used to go to and how he could go on all night and that Felicity was probably conceived there. The whole thing is hilarious and the look on Felicity’s face is priceless, but it gives her the information she needed. So she sends her boys over to the cabin, but when Oliver and Dig get there, Noah is already trying to run from Dahrk’s men. A fight scene ensues and Felicity is the one who ends up saving her dad.

From then on, every single scene between her and her father are awesome. Felicity had so many great lines and she was also super sassy in this episode, which just made them such an entertaining duo. Despite everything, they work really, really well together and we can clearly see where Felicity’s genius brain comes from. While they were talking about algorithms and codes and other stuff that completely flew over my head, they just seemed to understand each other and speak the same language.

Meanwhile, another father-daughter duo was at each other’s throats. Malcolm has obviously found Thea in Dahrk’s arc and is totally on board with the villain’s twisted plan of destroying the world in order to build a new one. Thea thinks he is just as insane as Darhk is. The problem is, Lonnie Machin (aka Anarky, remember him?) has somehow made his way into the arc and he has it in for Darhk. He kills a bunch of ghosts before Thea finds him and tries to talk him down. But he would have none of it and poor, drugged Alex is the one who perishes in the end.

Back in Star City, Felicity and her dad are trying their best to disable the nukes, but the ghosts attack and Noah gets hit. Felicity tries to finish what he started, but one missile still gets launched and is headed to Monument Point. They are at a loss of what to do, until Felicity decides to scramble the missile’s GPS and manages to send it to a less populated area. When it hits the small town, the blast is deadly, so tens of thousands of people die. Poor Felicity will now have to live with that on her conscience.

This genocide, however, only feeds Darhk’s powers and, when Oliver finds him underground, he is the picture of the mad villain, soaking in all his power.

Watch ARROW, they said… This season will be lighter, they said. Sigh.

A new episode of ARROW is scheduled to air on May 18 at 8/7c on The CW (U.S.) and on CTV (Canada).


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