PRETTY LITTLE LIARS Season 7 Preview: Is This the End?


We might be coming up on the end, PRETTY LITTLE LIARS fans. The show will soon return for its seventh and possibly final season, but whether it ends with season 7 or not, it will be the end of the show as we know it.

At the end of the sixth season, fans learned that Mrs. DiLaurentis had an identical twin named Mary Drake who was actually Charlotte’s birth mother. Mary was working with Elliot (Alison’s current husband, but apparently an old flame of Charlotte’s) and trying to take the girls down. The girls themselves don’t know all of this, but they did see a woman who looked just like Mrs. D on some security footage, so you can imagine that they’re a bit surprised.

Oh yeah, and Hanna was kidnapped.

Producer I. Marlene King promised that this upcoming season will have reveals “almost every week”, so be prepared for a summer full of answers! But will the girls save Hanna?

PRETTY LITTLE LIARS returns for its seventh season on June 21 at 8:00 p.m. ET/PT on Freeform.

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