GAME OF THRONES 6.04 Recap: Queen of the Dothraki

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We open GAME OF THRONES tonight at The Wall, as Tollett watches Jon pack his belongings.  He berates Jon for leaving, reminding him that there are white walkers coming.  Jon reminds Tollett that he gave his life for the Night’s Watch and now he is done.  During their argument, Sansa and Brienne arrive at the gate.  After a much-long look, Jon goes to her and they hug fiercely (yes, I teared up).

Later, after getting Sansa some soup, they talk, truly talk for once in their lives, and Sansa admits how horrible she was to him.  He tells her wherever he goes, she goes now, and Sansa tells him she wants them to go home, to take the wilding army and take back Winterfell.  He protests that he has done nothing but fight, but she said she plans on taking back their home, with or without him.

Outside, Davos finally comes around to asking Melisandre what happened down south with Stannis and what happened to Shireen.  As Melisandre was telling him Stannis was defeated, Brienne walks up and introduces herself, informing them both that she was there and that she executed Stannis.

Later that evening, a Bolton messenger arrives at the Wall with a message for Jon from Ramsay.  He explains what a traitor Jon is and demands that he wants Sansa back.  Ramsay also boasts that he has Rickon in the dungeon.  If he does not give Sansa back, he has many explicit threats on what will happen.  Tormund wants to know how many men Ramsay has in his army and Tormund lets him know how many men he has to fight.  Sansa once again encourages Jon to take an army to Winterfell to reclaim their home and Jon finally nods his agreement.  (On a funny side note, before the message arrived, Tormund was doing some mighty flirting gazes at Brienne who looked amused).


We haven’t seen Petyr in quite a while, but he shows up to see Robin.  Lord Yohn Royce confronts Petyr, saying that the last he saw him, he was supposed to be taking Sansa to the Fingers, yet they received a report that she had been married to Ramsay.  Petyr lies and said they were ambushed by Bolton men.  Lord Royce is not buying it, but Petyr suggests that Lord Royce might have told the Boltons.  Robin again with the Moon Door and wanting to throw Lord Royce out of it, but Petyr shows Lord Royce who Robin listens to as he convinces Robin to give him another chance.  Petyr tells Robin of Sansa’s escape and that they should help her.  Petyr seems to know that she will head to Castle Black.


Tyrion and Varys have a sit-down meeting with diplomats representing the masters of Astapor.  The men are angry that Daenerys is not there to talk with them, but Tyrion is a smooth talker.  He explains that they do not need slaves to make money and he proposes a deal.  Slavery will not return to Meereen, but the other cities of Slaver’s Bay will have seven years to end their slave practices and incorporate new, better ways.  In exchange, they cut off their support for the Sons of the Harpy.  Missandei and Grey Worm are not happy at all with the proposal, but say nothing.

When they enter the temple, there are angry men demanding to know why Tyrion met with the slavers after all they had done to their people.  The men begin to question Missandei and Grey Worm, but they reluctantly back up Tyrion.  Outside the temple, Grey Worm let it be known that he is not happy with Tyrion’s deal for the masters.


Led by a stern septor, Margaery is brought to the High Sparrow.  He tells her of his upbringing and how he became on his righteous path.  He takes her to go see her brother, Loras, who is locked in a cell.  Loras weeps as Margaery tells him to stay strong.

At the Keep, Cersei visits Tommen, finding Pycelle counseling him.  She orders Pycelle to leave.  Tommen tells Cersei that they have to be careful in dealing with the High Sparrow, especially since they still have Margaery.  Apparently, the High Sparrow told Tommen a secret he cannot share with anyone else, though he does with Cersei (but we don’t hear it).

We next see Cersei and Jaime entering the small counsel room where the Queen of Thorns sits with Ser Kevan Lannister, the Hand of the King.  Olenna has insulting words for Cersei, but Jaime reminds them that Cersei is the King’s mother.  Cersei informs them that the High Sparrow plans on having a trial for her in a few days, but before that Margaery will have to do the walk of shame.  Olenna states that will not happen and Cersei agrees.  Jaime proposes Ser Kevan will stand down as the Tyrell army will come to destroy the High Sparrow.


Out near the Iron Islands in GAME OF THRONES, we see Theon arriving by ship.  He enters his home and sees Yara sitting in the chair in front of the fireplace.  Yara berates him for all of the men who died trying to rescue him.  Theon weeps as Yara continues to grind into him.  He tells her that she should rule the Iron Islands and he wants to help her.


Osha is brought in to see Ramsay.  Osha explains to Ramsay that she served the Starks after they put her in chains and she owes no loyalty to them.  She tries to seduce him, while going for the knife on the table.  He doesn’t buy it, as he tells her that Theon told him how she helped the boys escape.  She grabs for the knife, but Ramsay has another one and stabs her in the neck.  She falls to the ground, dead.

Outside Vaes Dothrak

Jorah and Daario are arguing as they walk along the terrain outside of the encampment.  Jorah explains to Daario that they would have taken Daenerys there.  Jorah makes Daario take off all of his weapons, as it is considered an insult to bring weapons into the sacred city.  Daario notices the greyscale on Jorah’s arm.

At night, Jorah and Daario sneak into the city.  They run into a couple of Dothraki and Daario saves Jorah’s life.  Daenerys leaves the temple with another woman, coming upon Daario and Jorah.  Jorah insists they run, but Daenerys has another plan.

Daenerys is brought before the current Khal and she gives them a lecture, stating how small they are and how none are fit to rule the Dothraki, but she is.  They refuse to accept, and she turns over the fire pits, burning the temple down.  She alone walks out unscathed by the flames and all of the Dothraki fall to their knees and bow to her.  Jorah and Daario walk up astonished and they, too, fall to their knees.

My Thoughts

My heart started pounding in anticipation of what I believe is going to be the best showdown since the season started:  the battle between the bastards, Jon and Ramsay.  I cannot wait for Winterfell to be rid of the Boltons and their flayed man flags.  I was a bit surprised that Osha was killed so suddenly, as we’ve only seen her for like five minutes in almost four seasons now, but then again, I try not to be surprised.

As far as Davos, I cannot believe that I did not realize until tonight that he had never asked about Shireen.  I am wondering what his reaction is going to be when he finally finds out what happened to her.  And lastly, I had wonderful flashbacks at the end when Daenerys came out of the flames and the Dothraki knelt for her.  I am wondering how she is going to feel about this deal Tyrion is trying to make with the masters, whenever she gets back to Meereen.

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