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ONCE UPON A TIME Season Finale Sneak Peeks: Can Magic Be Destroyed?

The town of Storybrooke is still reeling from the recent death of Robin Hood, as well as the end of the Hades storyline on ONCE UPON A TIME. But some good has come out of this terrible situation: Hook was brought back to live by Zeus himself.

Regina is still grieving for her loss, so everyone else is trying to give her her space. But the heroes soon learn that Mr. Gold has stolen Hades’ Olympian Crystal and tethered all of the town’s magic to the object. As the heroes race to try and stop him, Henry is going rogue. His plan is to destroy magic once and for all and a replica of the Holy Grail may help him do that. As Henry tries to end magic, Regina and Emma try to find him before Gold does.

Meanwhile, Zelena, Snow, David and Hook try to open a portal that will return Merida and the other Storybrooke guests to their homes, but things go awry, and the group winds up in a deranged new world. In the second hour, they’re imprisoned and must try and survive characters that “may give Gold a run for his money”.

Don’t miss the two-hour season finale of ONCE UPON A TIME tonight (May 15) beginning at 7:00 p.m. ET/PT on ABC (U.S.) and CTV (Canada).