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THE GOOD PLACE Preview: First Look at NBC’s New Self-Improvement Comedy

What does it really mean to be “good”? That’s the question that is central to the new NBC comedy series THE GOOD PLACE.

Kristen Bell stars as Eleanor, a New Jersey woman who soon comes to realize that she hasn’t actually been a very good person for most of her adult life. Wanting to turn things around, she sets out on a quest to learn what it means to be “good” or “bad” and then right the wrongs for her past behavior.

Through an unlikely set of circumstances, Eleanor comes across Michael (played by Ted Danson), who becomes her guide/guru as she embarks on her self-designed, self-improvement course.

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Mike Schur (PARKS & RECREATION and BROOKLYN NINE-NINE) will executive produce the series.

THE GOOD PLACE will premiere this fall on NBC (see NBC’s full fall schedule).