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BLINDSPOT Sneak Peek: Trouble for the Team

As Jane Doe finds herself becoming closer to Special Agent Weller once again, she has also discovered her former lover Oscar isn’t the person she was made to believe he was. And it’s having a huge impact on her FBI team.

Last week on BLINDSPOT, the FBI office found itself in lock down by hackers intent on downloading its entire file of informers and agents from inside the building. Trapped in separate rooms, the team used analog technology – old radio communicators – to help each other escape their confines, disable the hack, and track down the hackers before they could get away with the data. Meanwhile, internal investigators arrived to arrest Assistant Director Mayweather and accuse her of murdering CIA agent Carter and two others. Listening to Mayfair’s interrogation, Jane pieced together the compilation of Oscar’s strange requests for her assistance of the past several episodes, from switching Mayfairs fountain pen, to inserting a tracking chip in Mayfair’s SUV, to inserting a thumb drive into Weller’s laptop, which enabled the investigator to pin the murders on Mayfair based on false clues.

A week ahead of the season finale, things come to a head as Jane confronts Oscar over his secret missions to set up Mayfair and Weller insists that Mayfair trust him to solve the crimes and save her from years behind bars. Under house arrest, Mayfair must secretly turn to Agent Reade for help sorting out a clue. Meanwhile, an abandoned baby turns up with a tattoo just like one of Jane’s, resulting in a race to figure out the child’s identity and save dozens of infants.

Watch preview clip below and tune in to BLINDSPOT today (May 16) at 10:00 p.m. ET/PT on NBC (U.S.) and CTV (Canada).