CASTLE Series Finale Sneak Peeks: The End is Near


After the startling revelation that CASTLE will be airing its final episode this week, viewers are looking for closure for the show’s lead romantic partnership: Captain Katherine Beckett and author Richard Castle. But will the two make it through the hour safe?

In the sneak peek below, it looks like at least Castle finds himself in harm’s way. Tied up to a chair, he meets one Mr. Flynn (an alias), who intends to get the names of everyone who knows about Lockstat out of Castle. Although Castle claims he could withstand any number of torture techniques, Mr.Flynn decides to use science instead of nail screws. The truth serum he injects means that Castle will give up every name within the hour, and then Castle will die.

The second clip shows Castle on the phone with Beckett, pleading with her to get out of the police department. Castle is holed up in his office with his family, but Beckett is still out in the open with Lockstat on the loose. He claims it isn’t safe, but Beckett responds that she is in her police department, with her officers, and that it is the safest place in the world.

Let’s hope she is right.

Be sure to watch the series finale of CASTLE tonight (May 16) at 10:00 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.

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