CHICAGO FIRE Season Finale Sneak Peeks: Jimmy’s Return and Dawson’s Search

chicago fire

On this week’s season finale of CHICAGO FIRE there seems to be some tension in the house. Jimmy is coming back to work after his tragedy and he goes a little overboard on a call when his chest compressions become aggressive and Brett has to calm him down.  When Boyden confronts him about coming back so soon and expresses concerns about his behavior, Jimmy snaps at him. Jimmy says that as Chief Boyden does a lot of talking, but little life-saving action.

Dawson is also feeling some tension as her desire to foster the child from last week forces her to find a new place. Between budgets and realtors it is proving difficult, so Hermann offers her the living space above his house. She accepts his offer, which means declining Casey’s offer to move back in with him. Though the place is dusty and a bit disheveled, with the reinforcements Hermann calls in the two think they can have it ready for inspection by 6 pm that day.

Don’t miss the season finale of CHICAGO FIRE tonight (May 17) at 10:00 p.m. ET/PT on NBC. And don’t worry, CHICAGO FIRE fans, the show has already been renewed for another season.

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