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IMAGINARY MARY Preview: First Look at ABC’s New Comedy Series

Did you have an imaginary friend as a child? Alice did. And we’ll get a chance to meet her friend in IMAGINARY MARY, the new comedy series from ABC.

Alice grew up in a broken home with no siblings, so one day she dreamed up her Mary, a loyal — but foul-mouthed — creature who would give Alice all of the love and support she needed.

With some help from Mary, Alice grew up to run her own PR firm where she reps famous athletes. Grown-up Alice doesn’t have a family of her own and that’s the plan she and Mary agreed on all those years ago. But now Mary has decided it’s time to come back.

Because, as it turns out, Alice has fallen in love with Ben, a quick-witted divorced father of three, and Mary isn’t happy that Alice might deviate from their plan. When Alice decides to meet Ben’s kids, Mary reappears and tries to convince Alice to dump Ben and his family.

But Ben is genuinely in love with Alice and he convinces Alice that moving on to a new stage in her life is a good thing. So despite being upset about this turn of events, Mary decides to stick around and help Alice through this transition.

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The cast includes Jenna Elfman, Stephen Schneider, Rachel Dratch, Nicholas Coombe, Matreya Scarrwener and Erica Tremblay. David Guarascio (THE GOLDBERGS), Adam Goldberg, Patrick Osborne, Doug Robinson and Shawn Levy serve as executive producers.

IMAGINARY MARY will premiere at midseason on ABC (see ABC’s full fall schedule).