GAME OF THRONES Preview: The Night’s King is Back

game of thrones

Last week’s GAME OF THRONES enticed us with old faces, a much-awaited family reunion, our Khalessi showing us again why she is always going to be Queen, and the most unexpected, unforeseen, never-crossed-our-minds attraction that Tormund obviously had for Brienne.

The preview for our next GAME OF THRONES episode looks to be just as filled with action, suspense and mystery.

Sansa Confronts Littlefinger. I can’t tell what decrepit, barely standing building we see Petyr turning around in to face the door as Sansa and Brienne comes in, but he looks happy to see her until she asks him if he knew about Ramsay.

The House of Black and White. Arya receives some more deep-thought lessons from Jaqen at the always depressing-looking temple.

The Iron Islands. The King’s Moot is happening as the Damphair asks those standing in a circle who makes a claim as Yara (known as Asha in the books) states that she makes the claim for the Salt Throne.

Tyrion and Varys. Varys and Tyrion looks a bit wary, maybe even a little scared, as a mysterious woman, who no doubt is a red priestess like Melisandre based on her dress and necklace, climbs the stairs in the temple and tells them there is so much more they don’t know.

The Night’s King. Bran is having a vision of an army of hundreds of white walkers. As he looks around stunned, he turns to see the Night’s King beside him…seemingly to be looking straight at him, while Meera is violently shaking him in the real world to wake up

Be sure to tune in for the next episode of GAME OF THRONES tonight (May 22) at 9:00 p.m. ET/PT on HBO and HBO Canada.

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