BLINDSPOT Season Finale Sneak Peek: Everything Has Changed


This week is the season finale of BLINDSPOT, and everything has changed. Everything.

Assistant Director Mayfair, who was under house arrest, finagled her way out of the house to pursue a lead to exonerate herself, only to to be shot. Weller did his best to stay on the case to help Mayfair despite interference from the FBI director himself, who ultimately shut down the Jane Doe project and then named Weller to replace Mayfair. Jane Doe left the FBI for her last time, and going to confront Oscar ended up at an angry Mayfair’s side, trying desperately to explain she didn’t know she was participating in Mayfair’s downfall or the downfall of her team. It was Oscar who had shot Mayfair, and with his own project to bring “the system” to justice for the Daylight project coming unfurled, he threatened to erase Jane Doe’s memory once again. And delirious on his deathbed, Weller’s father revealed he had killed Taylor Shaw and buried her under the house. Jane Doe can’t be Taylor Shaw, can she?

That brings us to tonight’s season-ending episode, typically a cliffhanger. Weller goes to his dad’s house to unearth the truth behind his father’s heartbreaking confession. Jane revisits former suspect Ana Montes (“Cede Your Soul”) to address her problem with Oscar. And the rest of Weller’s team struggles to help a friend. What cliff befalls us for next season?

See the preview clip below and watch BLINDSPOT tonight (May 23) at 10:00 p.m. ET/PT on NBC (U.S.) and CTV (Canada).

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