SUPERNATURAL Season Finale Extended Preview: Building a Bomb to Defeat Amara


The Winchester brothers are getting desperate as SUPERNATURAL ends its eleventh season. Amara seems almost unkillable and now God is weakened and Lucifer is (presumably) dead. How can Sam and Dean actually get rid of the Darkness?

There’s a new game plan on the table, but it’s one that seems to require a tremendous sacrifice: a soul bomb. The brothers head to a very haunted house to kill a bunch of restless ghosts so that their souls can be harvested and turned into a bomb. To do that, they’re getting a little bit of help from Billie the reaper. But here’s the bad news, courtesy of Rowena — Dean can’t just bring the bomb to Amara….he has to *be* the bomb.

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Will the elder Winchester make it out of his confrontation with Amara alive? Will God step in at the last minute with a plan that doesn’t require Dean’s sacrifice?

Watch an extended preview below and tune in to the season finale of SUPERNATURAL on May 25 at 9:00 p.m. ET/PT on The CW.

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  • SnazzyO

    This can only end in tears.