BONES Sneak Peeks: Booth Takes on a Secret Service Case


A Secret Service agent is murdered in this week’s BONES and it’s up to Booth, Aubrey and the Jeffersonian team to figure out who did it. When a drunk college student discovers the dead body of an agent just before a presidential visit to the area, Booth is ready to hit the ground running. When he turns to Secret Service agent and former colleague Brandt Walker, he’s shocked to learn that the government is hesitant about having a descendent of John Wilkes Booth on the case. As a result, Aubrey starts the investigation, but Booth is soon brought in. But why was the victim killed? Is this all related to the President or was there a personal reason?

Meanwhile, Brennan is in the midst of a severe flu and can’t work. She’s not used to being on the sidelines, however, and is particularly perturbed when Dr. Colin Fisher shows up as a consultant with the Secret Service. He’s thrilled to throw around his new credentials, while Brennan is desperately trying to prove that his theories are wrong and that she’s well enough to help out on the case. Finally, Hodgins takes a big risk to help out in the case by volunteering to seek out some evidence in a dangerous place.

Don’t miss an all new episode of BONES tonight (May 26) at 8:00 p.m. ET/PT on Fox.

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