GAME OF THRONES 6.06 Recap: Ghosts from the Past

jamie and cersei

On tonight’s GAME OF THRONES, I was truly hoping for a bloody battle, arguing, anger, something. Between Jon and Sansa reuniting, two dead direwolves, Jorah finally confessing his love, and Hodor holding the door, I cannot handle any more emotions episode after episode. Give me some blood and guts, something people. Stop making me cry!

We open this episode with Meera struggling to carry Bran through the windy, snowing forest as he is warging through the past (his fall, the Mad King, the Night’s King, the death of his family, etc.). He finally awakens to tell Meera “they found us” as she cries and says she’s so sorry. A mysterious figure on horseback arrives in the nick of time to kill the white walkers. He takes them on his horse and runs away.

Later, the stranger makes food for Meera and Bran. He tells her the three-eyed raven sent for him. She tells him the three-eyed raven is dead and he says the three-eyed raven lives again. When Bran awakens, he asks the stranger who he is…turns out it’s Uncle Benjen!

Sam and Gilly

They are in a carriage riding toward Sam’s home, with Sam very nervous. Once they arrive at the estate, his mom and sister warmly greet him. He introduces them to Gilly and little Samwell.

That evening, Gilly comes out wearing one of Sam’s sister’s dinner dresses and he proudly escorts her to dinner. The dinner, however, is awkward as Sam’s father glares at him during the meal and no one speaks until Sam tries to make light conversation. Randyll puts down Sam, calling him useless and fat, when Gilly defends him. Gilly ends up telling everyone at the table where she is from and that she is a wildling. Sam’s mother and sister leave the table with Gilly, upset. Later, Sam gives a tearful goodbye to Gilly and the baby…only to return a few moments later saying they are all leaving, he won’t leave them there. He takes his family sword from over the fireplace as they walk out.

The High Sparrow

Tommen is in the sept with the High Sparrow, talking about Margaery’s walk of atonement. The High Sparrow offers Tommen a chance to see Margaery and they run into each other’s arms. The way Margaery is talking, it looks like she might have drank the kool-aid; Tommen is dumbfounded.

In the streets of King’s Landing, the army of Mace Tyrell meets Jaime as they march towards the septor where the High Sparrow gives a speech to a crowd, with Margaery and the sparrows lining the steps. The Queen of Thorns emerges from a cascade. The High Sparrow announces there will be no walk of atonement as Queen Margaery has already atoned for her sins by bringing Tommen into the true light of the Seven. Tommen walks out with the King’s Guard and the High Sparrow announces a new era of truce between the Crown and the faith, as Jaime shakes his head.

Later, Tommen strips Jaime as commander of the King’s Guard. Tommen tells Jaime he wants Jaime to go deal with the Blackfish. Jaime tells Cersei later that he’s not going to Riverrun, he’s going to give Bronn a huge bag of gold to kill the High Sparrow. Cersei encourages him to go to Riverrun and take the castle back. She says when she has her trial, she will do a trial by combat and she has the Mountain.

Walder Frey

That old GAME OF THRONES enemy sits at a table reprimanding his sons/guards for letting the Blackfish take back Riverrun. He tells his sons to take it back regardless (and they mention the Brotherhood with Banners rallying the people against the Freys). Walder tells them to remind the Blackfish who got wed at the Red Wedding as Edmure Tully is brought into the hall in chains.  Walder tells Edmure he’s finally going home.


Still watching the silly play about the current history of King’s Landing, Arya witnesses the poisoning death of Joffrey as she grins and laughs. While the play moves on to Tyrion shooting Tywin, Arya poisons the rum bottle of the actress she is supposed to be “taking care of” for the House of Black and White. The actress and Arya strike up a conversation and before the actress can drink the poisoned wine, Arya knocks it out of her hands, pointing to the younger actress and calling her out as the one who wants the more experienced actress dead. The Girl With No Name happens to be in the back watching this whole exchange.

When Arya leaves the theater, she returns to the place where she first entered Braavos, to the rocks where she hid Needle. The Girl With No Name goes to tell Jaqen and gives the Girl permission to kill her as she smirks and walks away. Arya returns to her cave/bed but she tucks Needle in beside her before blowing out the lamp.


The Unburnt Queen leads her Dothraki army as she asks Daario how many ships would it take to get her soldiers and Dothraki to Westeros? He tells her a thousand and no one has that; she says no one has that yet. The plan is to go to Meereen and then on to Westeros. Daenerys tells them all to wait there as she leaves. After a while, Drogon appears in the sky with Daenerys on his back to the amazement of everyone on the ground. She gives a rousing speech to the Dothraki to follow her across the sea and give her the Seven Kingdoms.

My Thoughts

As I watch GAME OF THRONES at an earlier time (then again later with my husband), he sometimes watches my facial expressions. When I take the headphones off, he looks questioning at me, though he knows I won’t give spoilers. I told him tonight, “Shock and awe, that’s what this season is about.”

I am happy to see Arya getting back to being Arya. I was beyond excited to see Walder Frey and hear the words “Brotherhood without Banners” because, in my mind, my book world may be meeting up with my TV world where in a perfect world Lady Stoneheart will be coming for Walder Frey. Please, someone make that happen!  Oh, and while they’re at it, I wish someone would knock the smirk off of the High Sparrow as well.

Edmure and Benjen…two faces I did not think I would see again as it has been many, many, many seasons since we last saw them. Now, if only Gendry would land somewhere and get out of that boat he’s been in for years now, he could meet up with his old pal Arya on her way to Winterfell.

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