PERSON OF INTEREST Sneak Peek: We Begin the Final Five Episodes

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Last week we had a three-fer: three episodes of PERSON OF INTEREST. This week, we’re back to two, as CBS begins its last five episodes in the “final chapter” of this excellent series.

Monday, Samaritan continued its mental assault on Shaw, attempting to learn where Finch and his team keeps The Machine while also trying to convince her that Samaritan is really the good guy in the battle between machines. Meanwhile, Reese and Finch crashed a wedding to protect the groom. The real person of interest ended up being the wedding photographer, who had inadvertently taken photos of the billionaire father’s race horse being doped. The highlight of the event was Finch, disguised as an uncle from Ireland said to have a voice as clear as Irish spring waters, asked to sing at the reception — not so much. And Detective Fusco continued his solo search for missing persons, finding them in an abandoned tunnel that exploded around him and ending up in the hospital.

Tuesday provided two episodes.

In the first, Root appeared first as a bad-ass ballerina and then a grinning historical re-enactment butter-churner before getting an assignment to protect a conspiracy theory radio show host. He had detected a code underlying the station’s signal, which brought him to the attention of Samaritan, which was using the signal to disguise communications. And that required kick-ass backup from Reese. Fusco was finally released from the hospital, but first handed in his team phone, tired of being kept in the dark and getting no respect.

In the second, Reese was assigned a business traveler who diverted from an air flight to visit a hospital and was diagnosed with the flu. When it was discovered the injection given him was tainted with Asian flu that created a new super flu, Finch joined Reese in locking down the hospital and finding who had tainted the medicine. Meanwhile, Fusco was tracking down the driver who might have delivered the dead bodies to the tunnel he’d found, tracing him to the hospital. Turned out the driver was working for Samaritan and was supposed to infect the two doctors on duty, and in trying to stop him, Fusco got infected. Root came to the rescue, finding a local medical supply house with an antidote. At the same time, Shaw was resisting one more attempt by Samaritan to convince her to join up with them, eventually trying to confuse her between reality and her virtual-reality experiences. In the end, Shaw was no easy victim and she shot the Samaritan agent and escaped. The big reveal here was that all this time, Shaw had been held in Johannesburg, South Africa.

So where does that lead us to this week?

On Monday (May 30), looks like Reese and Fusco will have to work together again, despite Fusco requesting a new partner last week. Seems the mysterious criminal mastermind “The Voice” will make a return appearance, trapping the two in their own precinct with a bevy of armed gang members and a new person of interest. Oh, bother! Root will have a shocking discovery to deal with. I’m sure somewhere in here, Shaw will turn up.

Finch becomes the person of interest on Tuesday (May 31) when his cover is blown through a fatal error, setting off a number of increasingly dangerous encounters with Samaritan agents. Cue the chase scenes? This will be PERSON OF INTEREST’s 100th episode, making it prime for syndication — congratulations POI!

From here on out we settle into a regular weekly schedule, with only one episode a week. Enjoy them while they last.

See our video clip below and watch PERSON OF INTEREST at 10:00 p.m. ET/PT on CBS.

Monday’s Episode

Tuesday’s Episode

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