SCREAM Season 2 Premiere Recap: A New Killer Comes to Lakewood


We open season 2 of SCREAM in classic SCREAM fashion — with a murder. Only this is a fictional murder taking place on a movie screen. It turns out that Audrey is now working at a theater and she’s getting strange texts from an unknown number. Soon Noah calls, saying he’ll swing by to pick her up for Emma’s welcome-home party. Back to the texts, when Audrey asks again who it is, the mystery person replies, “A friend of a friend. See ya later, partner”. “Later” seems soon enough when Audrey spies a knife-wielding new killer in a mask chasing her throughout the building. But after Audrey stabs the new killer we learn that it was just a prank (and he’s not dead).

Meanwhile, the group is gathering for Emma’s party. Brooke and Jake are dating (but she’s hiding it from her father), Noah now has a crime podcast and Kieran seems happy to see Emma again. She assures them that she’s dealt with her issues and they should all just act normal. But when Noah asks Emma to appear on his podcast, she just wants to let it go.

As Audrey heads home, a creepy new killer calls her. He/she tells Audrey she can’t just get away with murder and “after what what you did, you deserve it”.

Jake and Brooke’s burgeoning relationship may be put on hold as the pair break into the school to use the swimming pool and he accuses her of enjoying the fact that they’re sneaking around. She’s upset when he compares their relationship to her the one she had with Mr. Branson and storms off.

At the same time, Emma and Kieran are getting hot and heavy at his house, but she’s easily spooked when he touches the scar that Piper gave her. Later, she has a strange nightmare and wakes up to find Kieran asleep on the couch instead of in bed with her.

That same night, Jake has a big plan to prove he can endear himself to Brooke’s father again and heads to an abandoned estate, but he soon gets caught in a bear trap and then gets sliced by the new killer.

Now back at home the next morning, things are strained between Emma and her mother, but Emma quickly heads off to school to avoid rehashing their issues. At school, we see that Audrey has become a bit of a celebrity around town because of what happened with Piper. Emma is one as well and she’s clearly struggling to keep it together.

In class, we meet two new students: the brainy Zoe, who is recruited by Emma to help her catch up on her missed school work, and Gustavo, the new sheriff’s son, who is very dark and brooding. He also tells Noah that the “killing never ends” with regards to Lakewood outside in the hall (thus making him a suspect). We also meet Karen Lang, the new psych teacher. Audrey, meanwhile, is still getting the creepy texts and Noah suggests they go to the police.

Then, a plot twist! Jake isn’t dead. He’s just bloody and trapped in a bear trap and being watched by the killer via camera.

The new Sheriff, Miguel, tells Noah that Audrey’s texts probably don’t mean anything, but it’s up to Audrey to file the report. Soon, Audrey receives a threatening text telling her to shut down this business with the police and she’s spooked enough to high-tail it out of there. But later, Audrey asks Noah to take her through his “murder board” and Noah is convinced that Piper had an accomplice.

Emma is soon taking her healing into her own hands. She makes up with Kieran and then appears on Noah’s podcast. When she sees the murder board, she sees a photo of the barn she saw in her nightmare — it’s a farm that supposedly belongs to Brandon James’ brother, Troy. Then we see Jake in a barn. He manages to break through the door but the killer comes after him again.

Later that night, we see Emma and Brooke have come to the James family farm. When they enter the barn, it’s empty. But they see a light on in the adjoining house and head towards it. As they head to the house we flash back to Jake, who is now hanging from the ceiling. He grabs a nearby weapon as the killer slowly approaches, but the killer gets him first and he dies.

At the theater, Audrey sees that someone has copied the letters she sent to Piper (the ones she burned at the end of last season) and has hung them up throughout the building. They’re very incriminating letters, with Audrey telling Piper they should make the people in town pay. She hurriedly takes them down and then receives a call from the new killer, who warns her that he/she has all of the letters.

At the creepy farm house, Emma enters and tries to see if anyone is home. Inside one of the rooms she spots a TV full of static and newspaper articles about the recent Lakewood murders, as well as photos of a young Emma. Then she sees the new masked killer and screams.

A new episode of SCREAM will air on June 6 at 11:00 p.m. ET/PT on MTV.

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