UnREAL: Catch up on Season 1 and Watch a Sneak Peek of Season 2


UnREAL took the TV world by storm last summer when the new Lifetime drama turned out to be fantastic. And suddenly the show about the behind the scenes drama at a fictional BACHELOR-type series was one of the favorite new summer shows.

In anticipation of the new season, Lifetime has put together an extended look back at season 1 and a sneak peek of season 2. Here’s the highlights from the first season:

  • Rachel – a producer on “Everlasting” – returned to work after some embarrassing personal drama with her ex-boyfriend (who also works on the show).
  • Quinn runs the show and is very good at her job – which primarily consists of making the female contestants on the show miserable and dramatic to increase ratings.
  • Chet – the show’s executive producer – was having an affair with Quinn. He seems to genuinely love her, but he also stole the idea for the show from her. Eventually, however, he wanted to give her a stake in the show’s profits.
  • Rachel and Quinn spent months manipulating the contestants, which eventually resulted in the suicide of one of the women.
  • Rachel also fell for the show’s suitor – Adam. But Quinn couldn’t lose her suitor and her best producer, so she manipulated that relationship to its conclusion.
  • Disappointed by everyone, Rachel orchestrated a runaway bride situation for the “Everlasting” finale. Quinn also took advantage of the situation to secure a producing deal.
  • Rachel confronted Quinn about her part in destroying her budding relationship with Adam, but the two women seemed to come to an agreement. And now both of them are looking to make the new season of “Everlasting” a terrific one.

The video below has interviews with the producers and cast and reveals some tidbits about season 2:

  • Quinn now occupies the “Chet” role for “Everlasting’s” new season and she promoted Rachel to the position of showrunner. But none of this lasts long and soon a power struggle emerges.
  • Chet also shows up again and wants to re-take his kingdom.
  • “Everlasting” is having its first African-American suitor, Darius (a pro quarterback).
  • Darius is trying to clean up a PR mess by appearing on “Everlasting”, but he soon lands himself in an even bigger mess.

UnREAL returns for a second season on June 6 at 10:00 p.m. ET/PT on Lifetime.

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