UnREAL Teasers: Eight Things to Know About the Season 2 Premiere


UnREAL is back for a second season and it’s as juicy and controversial as ever. The show dives right in to a new season of Everlasting and almost immediately problems with — and between — our main characters start to surface. Here are eight teasers from the new season:

(1) Adam has not been forgotten. Rachel is getting calls from him and ignoring them.

(2) The network needs to be sold on the new Everlasting suitor. Rachel and Quinn head to Vegas to introduce their new suitor – Darius – to a network executive. And while he’s excited to meet the football player, the network president, Gary, is much harder to convince. But Rachel and Quinn believe they’re making history here and Darius’ African American status is a good jumping off point for a lot of racially-focused stories for the show.

(3) The state of Rachel and Quinn’s relationship. Rachel received a promotion to showrunner after the events of season 1 of UnREAL and Quinn is the new Chet. But, as the ladies said in an extended preview for season 2, something happens (see #4 below) that makes Quinn take back the reins of the show and this creates a problem between the two women. In addition, a lot of the other show’s crew isn’t happy about Rachel’s behavior as a boss and don’t like the fact that she’s essentially turning into Quinn herself.

(4) Chet has transformed himself…sort of. We open with Chet in Patagonia, communing with nature and throwing javelins. When he returns to the set of Everlasting, he makes a power play and he’s got a vision for the show that doesn’t jive with what Quinn and Rachel’s vision. This causes a lot of friction…for everyone. He’s also feeling far more vindictive towards Quinn now.

(5) The suitor comes with an entourage. Specifically, Darius’ manager, Romeo, is tagging along to the mansion (and he has a side-thing going on with Rachel), as are some of his other friends. It’s clear that the presence of these extra people will be a problem.

(6) Will Madison be transformed? Madison is now a producer on the show, thanks to her little tryst with Chet last season. But she’s very meek and it’s clear that Rachel and Quinn need to re-shape her in order to make her useful. Wait until you see how that goes and how she reacts to it.

(7) Is Rachel having a breakdown? We find out that Jeremy is talking to Rachel’s mother, who is convinced that her daughter is having a hyper-sexual manic episode. Rachel denies this, but we’ll have to see how this unfolds. Rachel also isn’t happy about her mother’s “interference” in her life.

(8) Drama with the contestants. Quinn and Rachel are aiming for a lot of stereotypes among this year’s contestants, including a football princess who is “wifey” material, a girl from the south who has a Confederate flag bikini, and an outspoken African American activist. The fallout from this will really start to play out in the second episode.

UnREAL returns for a second season on June 6 at 10:00 p.m. ET/PT on Lifetime.

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