GAME OF THRONES Preview: Beginnings of War


Last week on GAME OF THRONES, we saw a credenza building towards what no doubt is going to be an epic last few episodes we have this season. We saw Arya remember why she’s Arya, Margaery hopefully playing the High Sparrow and not really buying what he’s selling and, last but definitely not least, our old enemy Walder Frey showed up and reminded us in just a couple of words why we still really hate him.

GAME OF THRONES’ sneak peek for this week is as follows:

The Blackfish. Oh my goodness, the look between Jaime and Brynden when Brynden comes out of Riverrun’s gate was enough to send guilty pleasures through my body! And then Brynden might as well have slapped Jaime as he told him there will always be a war as long as Brynden is alive…I don’t think he’s playing.

Battle of Wills. I’m not entirely sure what Olenna is referring to, but she appears to be talking to Cersei and blaming Cersei for the collapse of their two powerful houses over Cersei’s stupidity. Perhaps fathering three children with her brother?

Gaining Alliances. It appears Sansa is rounding up the North houses, refuting any objections by stating she did what she had to do to survive, but she will always be a Stark as she signs and puts the Stark crest on what appears to be some sort of official document.

The Iron Stragglers. Yara and Theon look to be sitting in a public house/bar somewhere as Yara tells Theon they are going to take back the Iron Islands and then they’ll get revenge. I’m guessing Theon wants Ramsay dead…so does everyone else in GAME OF THRONES, get in line.

Tormund of the Wildlings. It looks like there’s a huge wildling meeting, with Jon and Davos awaiting word on what the wildlings will do, as Tormund reminds them that Jon died for them and if they are not willing to die for Jon, then they are cowards.

Davos Narrates. As Davos speaks to someone about the real war being between the living and the dead, and how the dead are definitely coming, we see a quick shot of Edmure with a guard holding a knife at his throat; Bronn is back walking with Jaime; someone walking through a lot of dead people on the ground; and Sansa wheeling around looking nervous as she stands in what looks like the wildling camp.

Be sure to tune in for the next episode of GAME OF THRONES tonight (June 5) at 9:00 p.m. ET/PT on HBO and HBO Canada.

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