GAME OF THRONES 6.07 Recap: The North Doesn’t Seem to Remember


More surprises start us off on tonight’s GAME OF THRONES as we see a group of men building some sort of tower out of wood. One of them men is carrying a heavy, impressive log all by himself and when he drops the log and turns around, lo and behold it is the Hound whom we all thought Arya left to die.

The leader of this group of people, a red priest, gives a speech on non-violence as a group of three men ride up. The priest walks over to them and tries to strike up a conversation. The men who ride up asking what all they have, but the priest tells them they have nothing. The men smirk as they ride away.

As the Hound finishes up some firewood chopping, he hears screams coming from the camp. He runs back only to find everyone dead, including the priest who had been hanged. The Hound looks pretty mad as he grabs an axe and stalks off.


Well, Margaery is at the sept reading the holy books, though she has the crown on her head; pretty simple dress on, though. The High Sparrow and Margaery have another long, deep conversation about faith. And apparently Tommen told the High Sparrow that Margaery has not shared his bed since their reunion and Margaery tells him she has had no desire. The High Sparrow tells her she must do so as their must be an heir. He also encourages Margaery to convince the Queen of Thorns to join them for he cannot guarantee her safety.

Margaery goes to see Olenna and tries to convince her to join them or leave. Margaery had a septor with her whom Olenna threatened to have her head bashed in. Margaery grabs Olenna’s hand and tells her she must go home. Looks like Margaery is playing the game as I’d hoped, as Olenna got the note that Margaery slipped in her hand: a drawing of a rose.

Jon and the Wildlings

The wildlings are balking at following Jon, while Tormund encourages them to fight as none of them would be alive if it weren’t for Jon. Tormund shames them by reminding them that Jon died for them and if they aren’t willing to die for Jon then they are all cowards.

Later, Jon and Sansa arrive at Bear Island. Lady Lyanna is in charge at Bear Island; she’s like 10 and very rude to both Jon and Sansa. Davos has to step up and try to convince Lady Lyanna to commit her allegiance and fighters to taking back Winterfell. Davos lets her and her counsel know that the dead are coming. Lady Lyanna commits her allegiance to House Stark.

And Jon and Sansa go to House Glover to get their allegiance. Lord Glover balks at fighting with wildlings. He walks away and Sansa yells after him that his House is pledged to House Stark. He tells her House Stark is dead to him.

Later, Sansa, Jon and Davos ride into their camp. Jon tells them that they need to march on Winterfell as soon as possible. Sansa spots a crow and takes to write a scroll with the Stark stamp on it.


Cercei goes to bid Olenna farewell and seems shocked that Olenna will leave with Tyrell still sitting in a jail cell. Olenna gives Cersei a speech on how they are all there because of Cersei and her stupidity. Cersei agrees, but tries to sweet talk Olenna by telling her that they need each other. Olenna is having none of it and gives her yet another tongue-lashing.  It was brilliant.


Jaime marches up to Riverrun with an army as far as the eye can see; and with Bronn sitting on a horse right by his side! So happy to see Bronn again! Jaime convinces Bronn to become his right-hand man. Lord Edmure has a rope around his neck outside the castle walls as a Frey yells out to the Blackfish to yield the castle. The Blackfish just watches as another Frey threatens to cut Edmure’s throat. The Blackfish walks away telling him to go ahead then.

The Frey brothers and Jaime have some words as Jaime tells them he is now in charge. He orders that Edmure get bathed and fed. Jaime tells Bronn to get word to the Blackfish that he wants to parlay.

Jaime meets the Blackfish on the moat bridge to Riverrun. The disdainful look between both of the men made my heart skip. Brynden inquires after Arya and Sansa, about the promise he made to Catelyn. Of course, Jaime doesn’t have them. He orders Brynden to surrender Riverrun, but Brynden tells Jaime that as long as he’s standing, the war is not over. He gloats to Jaime that they have provisions for two years.

Theon and Yara

Brother and sister are sitting in a brothel/bar somewhere in the GAME OF THRONES world, with Yara making out with a prostitute. Theon is uncomfortable being there. She tells him they are going to sail to Meereen, make a pack with Daenerys and then take back the Iron Islands.


Arya strolls along the waterfront and finds a captain who’s leaving for Westeros. She gives him bags of money and tells him she wants to book passage home. She tells him they leave at dawn. As Arya walks over a bridge, an old woman approaches her, calling out to her. As Arya smiles at her, the woman pulls out a knife and cuts her across the stomach, then grabs her and stabs her at least two more times in the stomach. The mask comes off and we see it is the Waif. Arya pushes her off and then falls over into the water. Arya surfaces near the steps and is hurt pretty badly. She walks along the marketplace but no one helps her.

My Thoughts

As much as I used to hate the Hound, I sure am glad to see him back. I’m not sure when he redeemed himself in my eyes, but gosh darnit I’m hoping he meets up with Arya somewhere along the way. Now, Sansa and Jon going and begging the Northerners to commit…funny how everyone was balking at helping and Lord Glover was just nasty about it.

My shocker came when the Waif went all ninja knife on Arya. I read an interesting theory that the Waif and Arya were one and the same so I tried to think like that when I was watching. Doesn’t it seem odd that no one at all helped this girl walking in a busy marketplace with blood pouring out of her stomach? So, I don’t know, is she really hurt then? Is it all in her head? I’m not sure what is going on with Arya anymore.

Maybe we’ll get some answers on the next episode of GAME OF THRONES on June 12th at 9:00 p.m. ET/PT on HBO and HBO Canada.

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  • Sebastien Chouillet

    A few inaccuracies:
    – the priest that took in the hound is not a red priest, but a priest of the seven (just look at his necklace). I’ll also point out the wooden tower is intended to be a septon. Just count the sides of the tower. The people who massacre the camp do, however, follow the lord of light, and are presumably of the brotherhood without banners.
    – the ‘somewhere’ where Theon and Yara are brotherling in is Valentis, which we’ve visited before in the company of Tyrion and Varys. This is borne by the facial tattoos the slave prostitutes wear in the brothel.

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