GUILT Teasers: Seven Things to Know About Freeform’s Soapy New Mystery Series


GUILT begins with a fun night out in London, England. And then, a murder.

After a night out at a club — before ending the night with a party back at her flat — Grace wakes up on the roof of her apartment building with her boyfriend, Luc. The pair head down to the flat and Grace greets Roz (her flatmate), warning her that she and Molly (her other flatmate) invited people back to their apartment last night. Moments later, Molly’s dead body is found. Cue the horrified screams.

GUILT is a soapy whodunnit, drawing much from the true-life Amanda Knox story. Here’s what you need to know about Freeform’s new mystery series:

A Secret Life. Molly Ryan was just 22 years old when she was killed. Before she died, she thought she had a stalker — someone who was breaking into the flat and stealing her things. Molly was a very complicated young woman who had many secrets — secrets she kept from her flatmates. Secrets that probably got her killed.

Focusing in on a Suspect. The local prosecutor, Gwendolyn, is pushing for D.S. Bruno and the police to solve this murder. She’s the central figure behind the guilty Grace crusade from day one, fully believing that Grace had motive to murder her roommate.

Trying to Help Her Sister. Natalie is a prosecutor in Boston, but she drops everything when her sister Grace calls her with news of Molly’s death. She’s shocked when she arrives in London to discover that her sister is being pursued by the police.

Secrets of His Own. Luc definitely seems to know more about Molly than Grace suspects and he tries to convince his girlfriend that they should head to Paris ASAP. Soon cracks develop between Luc and Grace as the police play them against each other.

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Nothing But the Best. James — Natalie and Grace’s stepfather and a man who also has secrets (assume everyone has secrets) — calls up Natalie as Grace is taken into custody and tells her he “has a guy” who can help defend Grace. His name is Stan Gutterie and he rescues Grace from Gwendolyn’s question. Natalie dislikes him on sight. After all, he urinated on judge’s dinner back in the U.S. and no longer practices law in the states. But he’s a master of spin and can be valuable to Grace.

A Crusade for Justice. Patrick, Molly’s brother, has arrived in town from Northern Ireland and he’s despondent over his sister’s death. He’s also determined to make her killer pay. Gwendolyn wants him to trust the system to bring Molly’s killer to justice, but Patrick isn’t confident that she and the system will help the dead Northern Irish girl.

A Royal Connection. Prince Theo is a man of strong sexual desires and he also has a connection to Molly. It looks like the royal family could be implicated in any number of scandals.

GUILT premieres on June 13 at 9:00 p.m. ET/PT on Freeform.

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