LAST CHANCE U: New Netflix Sports Documentary Series to Premiere in July

last chance u

Netflix will be debuting its first ever sports documentary at the end of July. Today the streaming service announced the premiere date for LAST CHANCE U, an original six-part documentary that is being touted as a “gut-wrenching behind-the-scenes look at the world of college football” and was inspired by a GQ article.

Directed by Greg Whiteley (Mitt, New York Doll, Resolved), the series follows a group of young men who are training to become the future stars of the NFL. These boys are the latest recruits to Eastern Mississippi Community College (EMCC), an undefeated team with 3 consecutive National Championships under their belt. The EMCC Lions have become the superstars of junior college sports and have been attracting top athletes, some of whom have been held back by poor academic performance or behavioral issues. Each year, EMCC graduates more than 20 players into football scholarships at universities and nine current NHL players got their start at EMCC.

The team members work hard in the heat and isolation of a town called Scooba, which has a population of only 712 people. Their coach is taxing, but successful. As the Lions try to win their fourth consecutive National Championship, they’re also trying to keep up in the classroom. At the same time, Brittany Wagner (an advisor to the team) does what she can to keep the men focused on their schoolwork so they can be eligible to play football.

“Following the groundbreaking Mitt, we jumped at the opportunity to work again with director Greg Whiteley,” said Lisa Nishimura, Netflix VP of Original Documentary Programming. “He brings an honest and intimate lens to all his subjects, immediately creating a connection between the viewer and these young, complex subjects. You are invited into their world and feel immediately invested in the high stakes of their lives.”

“Considering the school’s recent success, and after meeting some of the people from Scooba, Mississippi, we felt that chances were high that we would be filming one of those special seasons,” said director Greg Whiteley. “What we ended up capturing was something none of us could’ve ever predicted.”

LAST CHANCE U will premiere globally on Netflix on July 29.

Photo courtesy of Netflix

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