GAME OF THRONES Preview: Let the Anticipation Begin

game of thrones

If you caught last week’s GAME OF THRONES, you will feel as if momentum is building, rushing us toward the harrowing last few episodes this season. We found out the Hound is still alive, and bent again on taking up the axe; Margaery is not brainwashed but playing her own game (but does Tommen know this? Is he in on it?); and that it looks like the Waif got the better of Arya…or did she?

The GAME OF THRONES sneak peek for this week hurtles us forward:

Cersei. Her old lover/cousin-turned-zealot sparrow Lancel is with a group of other sparrows in what looks like the Red Keep, as Cersei, the Mountain and Qyburn approach. He tells her to order her men to step aside or there will be violence and, in true don’t-mess-with-me resting face Cersei style, she replies that she chooses violence. During a brief flash later in the preview, it looks like the Mountain has a sparrow on the ground, pulling his head back.

Riverrun. The long-awaited reunion of Jaime and Brienne happens as it looks like Jaime asks Brienne to talk to the Blackfish about surrendering. She explains to him that should the Blackfish not agree, and should Jaime and his men attack the castle, that honor compels her to fight him. The next scene, not sure if he’s still talking to her because I can’t tell from the outline of the person he’s talking to, but he says that he loves Cersei and will slaughter every Tully he has to in order to get back to her.

Arya. Brief shot of Arya, still in Braavos I’m taking it, as you also see a brief shot of the Waif. You see Arya running through a crowded street and jumping off of a balcony either in pursuit of or fleeing from the Waif.

Sandor. Another teasing brief shot of the Hound wielding his axe at some unfortunate’s neck.

Tyrion. I just haven’t seen enough of Tyrion this season, though I get it. I miss him though. And you only get a peek of him in this preview as he is following with his eyes what looks like could be fire-breathing dragon above his head.

Now, it doesn’t show in the previews, but the synopsis for this episode includes “Bran learns a great deal.” I am tentatively hoping that Bran has a vision back to the Tower of Joy and we ALL learn a lot tonight; or at least verify what we’ve been saying all along about Lyanna’s death and Jon’s parentage.

Be sure to tune in for the next episode of GAME OF THRONES tonight (June 12) at 9:00 p.m. ET/PT on HBO and HBO Canada.

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