GUILT Sneak Peek: Billy Zane Plays a Smarmy Lawyer


Billy Zane played the villain everyone loves to hate in TITANIC. But in GUILT, the soapy new drama from Freeform, he’s playing a different kind of villain: the smarmy lawyer. But perhaps this villain is a bit of a good guy.

When Grace is named a suspect in the death of her UK roommate, Molly, her boyfriend suggests they head to Paris. Unfortunately for the pair, they’re caught trying to leave the country and, as you can imagine, their actions don’t look like those of innocent people.

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While Grace’s sister, Natalie, has flown in from Boston to help, their wealthy stepfather has hired Stan GutterieĀ to represent Grace. Natalie dislikes his reputation (peeing on a judge’s dinner) and his attitude, but there’s no doubt that Stan seems like the kind of man you want on your side in a crisis like this.

GUILT premieres on June 13 atĀ 9:00 p.m. ET/PT on Freeform.

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