WRECKED: Comedy Rules the Island in TBS’ New Series


Owen O’Connor hates his job as a flight attendant. According to one of his co-workers it’s because he can’t connect with people. So she challenges him to connect with one person on the flight — specifically, the clumsy Danny Wallace. But before that can really happen, the plane starts a nosedive and eventually crashes on a tropical island.

As Danny, Owen and Pack Hara take in the carnage around them, a handsome British special forces agent (who bears a close resemblance to a young Matthew Fox) is saving women, impressing the men and encouraging the trio to help the others.

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Owen is convinced they’ll be saved soon enough, but three days later he has to accept the truth….no one is coming. And everyone has to figure out how to survive. With the realization that they might be here for a while, Danny suggests that the trio try to step up as leaders. But Mr. Handsome Special Forces as the charisma and skills to lead and he’s got a rescue plan in place. They’re going to head into the jungle to find the emergency beacon.

There’s also Karen Cushman, an executive at Bing, who adjusts pretty quickly to killing your dinner on the island. Couple Jess and Todd are consistently arguing because Todd is a douche. And Steve’s legs were damaged in the crash so he’s out of commission.

WRECKED premieres tonight (June 14) at 10|9c on TBS.

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