Netflix Looks at the Viewing Habits of ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK Fans


It turns out that ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK fans are “repeat offenders”, at least when it comes to re-watching the show. The streaming service has announced that ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK is one of its most re-watched original series.

After looking at viewing stats in over 190 countries, Netflix found more than half (53%) of OITNB viewers have re-watched at least one full season of the series since its debut in 2013. Naturally, this re-watching behavior peaks each June in anticipation of the new season.

Here’s what Netflix discovered:

“Of viewers polled, nearly a quarter (21% in the US and 23% in Canada) plan to re-watch the previous season while 41% in the US and 42% in Canada plan to re-watch the entire series – all 36 episodes. They’re eager to serve their time too with 54% planning to re-watch this weekend or sooner, and fans are even willing to give-up making their bed (30% in the US and 38% in Canada), cleaning the house (36% in the US and 41% in Canada) and cooking (10%) in order to have more time to watch.”

“Overall, most plan to re-watch without incriminating others – 36% prefer to re-watch solo, 8% with their pets and 12% with a table full of snacks (be careful with the pie). Those who prefer to have partners in crime will re-watch with their significant other (25%) or friends (14%). The majority of re-watching lockdowns will take place in the living room (43%) followed by the bedroom (41%) – no one chose the SHU.”

A new season of ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK will premiere on Netflix on Friday, June 17.

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