GAME OF THRONES Preview: The Battle Is On

game of thrones

It’s all been leading to this; at least for me. Last week on GAME OF THRONES we saw the Hound return, as well as the Mother of Dragons. Meereen was under war (and there’s a great conspiracy theory going on that maybe Varys had something to do with that), Cersei declared war on the sparrows and lost her bid for a trial by combat, and the showdown at Riverrun happened. We will probably not see any of that this week as the whole sneak peek concentrates on the Bastards.

The preview show both of armies facing off, with Jon informing Sansa that he fought at the Wall against white walkers, but Sansa stresses that Jon does not know Ramsay. It doesn’t show, but you hear Jon say that thousands of men don’t need to die, only one of us; presumably he is talking to Ramsay. War, arrows, spears, dying men, all these things in the previews.

I have to say that Ramsay’s army looks much, much bigger than Jon’s. But Ramsay’s got to die, right? Right?! Jon’s already died once, they can’t do that to us again.

Tune in to the action on the next episode of GAME OF THRONES on June 19 at 9:00 p.m. ET/PT on HBO and HBO Canada.

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