BRAINDEAD Sneak Peeks: New Characters and a New Budget Proposal


BRAINDEAD is going to introduce two more regular characters in this week’s episode: the first is Rochelle Daudier, the daughter of the recently deceased Dr. Daudier. The second is Gustav Triplette, an eccentric genius. As Laurel continues to investigate the death of Dr. Daudier, both Rochelle and Gustav separate encounter the bugs themselves and begin to question exactly what is happening.

Meanwhile, the bugs have gotten their hooks into the US government. Senator Red Wheatus (whose brain has been eaten by the bugs) has allowed the government to shut down because the Republicans and Democrats couldn’t agree on a budget. This week he’ll be meeting with Luke and another top-ranking Democrat to discuss a crazy proposal. He says he’ll agree to a budget deal if the Democrats will agree to cut all Commerce, Education and Energy spending. Naturally, the Democrats think the idea is preposterous. Meanwhile, keep an eye out for veggie-based drinks or dinners because those without brains have to stockpile them to keep healthy.

BRAINDEAD airs tonight (June 20) beginning at 9:59 p.m. ET/PT on CBS (U.S.) and Global TV (Canada).

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