For Canadian Eyes Only: What’s Coming to Shomi in July 2016?


Next day premieres for BETWEEN and ODD MOM OUT are coming to to Shomi in July, as are full seasons of HEROES REBORN, ROYAL PAINS and DOMINION. In terms of movies, THE HEAT, DIVERGENT and THE INTERNSHIP will be arriving on the Canadian streaming service.

Here’s the complete list of what’s coming to Shomi in the coming month:


July 8
Heroes Reborn, Season 1

July 15
Royal Pains, Season 7
Dominion, Season 2

July 24
Black Sails, Season 2

July 29
Defiance, Season 3

Next Day Premieres

New episodes of the following shows will be available on Shomi the day after their primetime premieres: Between (beginning with episode 2.01 on July 1), Odd Mom Out (with season 2 continuing from June), Difficult People (beginning with episodes 2.01 & 2.02 on July 13), The Strain (beginning with episode 2.01 on July 29).


July 1
Dead Rising 2
The Heat

July 8
The Divergent Series: Divergent

July 15
The Rugrats Movies

July 22
The Internship
The Way Way Back

July 29
Win Win


Our Favourite Canadians! – Movie/TV Featuring Popular Canadian Actors (July 1): Liar Liar, Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery, Strange Brew, Observe and Report, Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, The Great Outdoors, The Notebook, Definitely Maybe, Juno, Pure Luck, The Mummy, Justin Bieber: London Live, Sweet November, Going Berserk, Teen Wolf, Lucas, Knocked Up, 24: Live Another Day, Beauty and the Beast.


July 20: UFC: The Ultimate Fighters Nations – Canada vs. Australia
July 30: Dragon Hunters Season 1 & 2

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