GUILT Sneak Peek: The Media Frenzy Grows Out of Control


Word about Molly’s murder is spreading around the world in this week’s GUILT. And everyone has their eyes on a suspect: Grace. Thanks to the far reach of the internet, Grace has become the target of social media bullying. She’s becoming more and more obsessed with the posts and comments people are making about her and, while her sister tells her to ignore it, she can’t tear herself away from her phone. Even her friends from back home in the US seem to think she’s guilty.

Meanwhile, Molly’s brother is in a lot of trouble this week after the events at Professor Linley’s cottage. Linley’s wife tells Detective Sergeant Bruno that it was Molly’s brother who shot her husband, not her. And Stan will be helping James out of a mess when he’s blackmailed with incriminating photos. Is it Molly and Grace’s roommate who is threatening to release them? The sneak peek below would certainly suggest that.

Finally, Prince Theo, worried about his connection to Molly becoming public, attempts to corrupt a member of the investigation.

A new episode of GUILT airs tonight (June 27) at 9:00 p.m. ET/PT on Freeform.

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