ZOO Season 2 Premiere: A Race to Find Jamie and the Cure


Season 1 of ZOO ended with our heroes surrounded by animals, who soon began storming their car. Season 2, meanwhile, is going to pick up right after that moment, showing us how the group survives that stampede

“If last season was, let’s say, 80% action, it’s about 112% action this season,” Billy Burke teases. The big mission when the second season begins is all about finding Jamie and finding the leopard who might be able to help them cure the animals. Mitch is also personally very invested in reuniting with Jamie since the pair have shared a special connection. Kristen Connolly, who plays Jamie, hints that she gets a “lot tougher” over the course of the first few episodes.

Meanwhile, Jackson starts to realize some strange things are happening to him in season 2, both mentally and physically. Why this is happening to him will be something the group focuses on in the coming season.

New character¬†Dariela Marzan will be joining the show in season 2 as well and she “adds a whole new dynamic to the show,” says James Wolk. She’s an army ranger who is “very strong willed [and] passtionate,” according to¬†Alyssa Diaz.

The two-hour season premiere of ZOO begins tonight (June 28) at 9:00 p.m. ET/PT on CBS (U.S.) and CTV (Canada).

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