Tonight on AMERICAN GOTHIC: Planning Mitchell’s Funeral and Digging Into the Past

american gothic

Tragedy has struck the Hawthorne family on AMERICAN GOTHIC, although none of the kids know that the Hawthorne matriarch, Madeline, is responsible for the death of their father.

The siblings are reeling from the overnight death of their father and Alison wants to start planning their father’s funeral right away. But Tessa needs some answers first concerning the silver bells they found and her father’s past. She wants to show Brady one of the bells to see if they’re real and connected to the old case, but Alison is adamantly against it. And Cam just wants to distance himself from it.

When they go back to the storage shed to look at their father’s things, they find the box of bells missing. Madeline appears and declares that the bells are gone. She explains that their father had an obsession with true crime and then drops a bombshell, although it doesn’t necessarily point to him being the killer. Or….is she lying? Tessa starts to get suspicious when more facts come to light.

Meanwhile, there’s inter-family squabbles when Garrett announces that he wants to speak at Mitchell’s funeral. Alison, naturally, doesn’t think a wild card like him should be speaking at all, lest he somehow damage their father’s reputation.

And as the police investigation into the Silver Bells Killer heats up after the recent discovery of the belt, Brady is sent to collect Mitchell’s DNA to rule him out as a suspect (since he was supervising the concrete pouring the day the belt was placed in it). But Madeline is in a desperate rush to cover up her own crime, so that might prove to be difficult.

Don’t miss an all new episode of AMERICAN GOTHIC tonight (June 29) at 10:00 p.m. ET/PT on CBS (U.S.) and Global TV (Canada).

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