TALLULAH: Netflix Releases Trailer for New Film Starring Ellen Page


In TALLULAH, a new Netflix original film, Lu (Ellen Page) is a vagabond. She lives hand-to-mouth and is fiercely independent, but she’s also struggling. She attempts to reach out to the mother of an old boyfriend who stole all of her money, Margo (Allison Janney), but is rebuffed when Margo thinks she’s just looking for a handout.

Then one day she’s mistaken for a housekeeper in a swanky hotel by a woman who also happens to be a horrible mother. Seeing how neglectful this woman is of her child, Lu “rescues” the baby and spirits her away to Margo, who believes that she is the grandmother of this child.

As the neglectful mother gets the police involved in her child’s disappearance and the cops start to track the baby down, Lu and Margo realize they can build a little family of their own. But can it survive the lies that Lu has told?

TALLULAH streams on Netflix beginning on July 29.

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