AQUARIUS Sneak Peek: Shafe Falls Ill and Emma Lives it Up


On this week’s episode of AQUARIUS the focus is, as always, split between the lives of the detectives and those in Manson’s camp. In Detective Hodiak’s world, one of his best detectives has fallen ill. Shafe claims he has a fever and, while she’s upset about his work as a police officer and its effects on his health (and the white population), Kristin continues to take care of him. The two also have a brief romantic reminiscence about how they met, when Shafe came home from deployment sick and Kristin took care of him.

Meanwhile, Emma finds herself living the good life. Instead of eating out of dumpsters (as she remembers all too well), she is fine dining with Dennis as he explains that her voice is good enough to meet with his record producer friend. While out at the restaurant, Emma runs into her mother. This tense interaction includes her mother commenting on the passing of Emma’s seventeenth birthday, the new house the Karns have moved into, and how there is still a bedroom in it for Emma should she return home. Unfortunately, a sad smile and an introduction to Dennis is all that Mrs. Karn gets from her daughter before they leave.

Catch an all new episode of AQUARIUS tonight (June 30) at 10:00 p.m. ET/PT on NBC!

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