STRANGER THINGS Preview: The Disappearance Of a Young Boy Leads to Big Discoveries

stranger things

The supernatural films of the 1980s are the genesis of STRANGER THINGS, the new Netflix series set to stream in mid-July.

One night, Will Byers and his friends are playing Dungeons & Dragons. But after all of the boys set out for home, Will never makes it and he vanishes…seemingly into thin air.

It’s 1983 in Hawkins, Indiana and the town is abuzz with conspiracy theories about what happened to Will. Soon, a strange young girl shows up (known only as 11) and she helps uncover a mystery about top-secret government experiments and terrifying supernatural forces. Will’s friends start to learn that this girl might have a strange and sinister connection to their missing friend.

STRANGER THINGS will be available on Netflix on July 15.

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