UnREAL 2.05 Recap: New Player And A Higher Stakes Game


Things are getting messier on this week’s UnREAL as the Rachel, and Quinn standoff devolves into a few more line-blurring moments and an increasingly tense night at the gala that seeps into the house and runs throughout the hour, down to the final scene.

Darius and Ruby’s somewhat longing glances at each other as it was announced that the overnight date candidates were narrowed down to Yael (Hot Rachel) and Dominique was actually kind of sweet and offered a glimpse of where they are at with each other.

While Ruby just plays along with whatever Quinn orchestrated with the final two choices for the overnight, Rachel has her plans as she feeds Dominique some details about exactly what Yael has been up to and with who. Of course, though Dominique tells Darius the truth, it’s not enough to get him to choose her as he chooses wildcard Ruby. Her reaction is adorable and over the last few episodes, they’ve become a pair you want to root for. A sign that trouble was heading their way, really.

Meanwhile, Quinn is hitting peak terrible person as she tries to get what she wants from the Everlasting situation and she’s taking absolutely no prisoners, regardless of what her motives may be behind her moves.

As Ruby and Darius have their overnight date, the Impact Awards Gala is approaching and for all of the preparing that Quinn does to find the right dress, she finds out that Coleman and his invited guest, Rachel, will be attending. That doesn’t stop her and only sends her into peak terrible person or “good producer” mode as she finds a way to set her Everlasting plans to rights again.

With her plan in place and her side minion, Madison, on guard for her, Quinn heads to the gala and interrupts Coleman and Rachel’s pitch to newest network owner, John Booth. Booth immediately becomes impressed by Quinn’s attitude and general Quinn-ness and only becomes more impressed when she invites him back to the set and in UnREAL fashion, she has a surprise in store for not only Ruby and Darius, but Jay and Rachel as well. With the uneasy feeling in the scene and the kind of off-the-rails mentality Quinn has had throughout the episode, it’s easy to tell this would be the least welcome surprise.

That feeling of uneasiness is only sharpened when it’s made clear that Quinn got Ruby’s father, the man that she revealed to Darius she thought the world of and had been essentially her guidance most of her life when it came to civil rights and causes she believed in, to show up to the Everlasting mansion. What’s worse is that despite Rachel’s initial disagreement with having a camera guy go in and film the confrontation, Quinn gets to her and tells her that the moment they are about to film is what the show is all about. Disappointingly, but not surprisingly, she leads the camera guy in and see the whole breakdown of a father-daughter relationship happen.

Jay pretty much sums it all up after so much work and natural chemistry in Ruby and Darius’s relationship blow up as he tells Rachel, he “can’t believe [he] trusted [her].” To be honest, can’t believe it either considering all of the other times she hasn’t followed through. Ultimately, the confrontation and Darius and Ruby’s conversation post-confrontation is enough to lead to a rather upsetting elimination ceremony where he said goodbye to Ruby.

Elsewhere, Chet tries to impart wisdom on the very gross Jeremy. But, it doesn’t help at all as he drunkenly confronts Rachel and continues not to listen to her until he really shows how gross he is and hits her Of course, Chet sees this and fires him (does he even still have the power to do that?). FINALLY.

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