BRAINDEAD: Can Laurel Save Her Friend?


Laurel, Rochelle and Gustav make a big discovery on this week’s BRAINDEAD thanks to Gustav’s cat: the bugs (or screwworms, as they’re calling them) are eating half of people’s brains. This discovery is courtesy of Gustav’s infected cat, who goes into an MRI machine. To learn more, Laurel and Rochelle try to persuade Laurel’s friend Abby to get an MRI herself.

Meanwhile, Laurel tries to tell the FBI about the screwworm, although they don’t seem to take her suggestion seriously. And when Gareth finds out that Laurel is hanging out with an FBI agent, he warns her to stay away from him. Finally, Luke attempts to reopen the government through a secret deal with the Republicans.

BRAINDEAD airs tonight (July 11) beginning at 9:59 p.m. ET/PT on CBS (U.S.) and Global TV (Canada).

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