AQUARIUS Sneak Peek: Where in the World is Emma?


“Where is Emma?” is the question that seems to be on the lips of everyone at the Karn family parties in this week’s AQUARIUS. When Grace holds a little political assemblage with the ladies of the town, a question that looks to be all-too-familiar is brought up.

“When do we finally  get to meet Emma?” one of the women asks. Of course, Grace can’t reveal that Emma has left home and is gallivanting around LA with the Manson crew, so instead Grace replies that she’s traveling. Later on, after the party, Grace is on the phone with her father, and reveals that this little charade is wearing her down. Claiming that Emma is studying abroad in France, and to extend her stay, is a lie that she is getting tired of telling.

And speaking of lies, it also looks like Charmaine will be learning a bit about that as well. Her undercover work takes a more serious turn as the group she has infiltrated plans to take action in a much more deadly way by using a bomb. When the scheme is hatched to place a bomb in a chemistry lab, some looks of apprehension can be seen on our young cop’s face, but she refuses to leave or back out of the plan.

Catch an all new AQUARIUS tonight (July 14) at 10:00 p.m. ET/PT on NBC.

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