UNREAL Sneak Peek: The Return of Adam


Even though there are always at least 15 O.M.G. moments on every episode of Lifetime’s UNREAL, this week one of those “OMG” moments comes from the return of the infamous Adam. In case viewers don’t remember, Adam was the suitor on last season’s show-inside-a-show “Everlasting”. But, more importantly, he was Rachel’s main love interest in season 1. After Quinn got involved in the duo’s plan to run away together mid-season — resulting in Adam leaving a heartbroken Rachel at the airport — our favorite producer got her revenge by humiliating him on national television for a big season finale.

In season 2, all we’ve seen from Adam is one missed phone call to Rachel. However, that one missed call turns into a lot more when Adam comes back in person — in all his British glory, and with a beard! Now Rachel will not only have to deal with her budding relationship with Coleman — and her now shaken relationship with Quinn — but also this blast from the past.

See how Rachel handles this curve ball on an all new episode of UnREAL tonight (July 17)  at 10:00 p.m. ET/PT on Lifetime.

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