SUITS: Star Patrick J. Adams on Mike In Danger, His Trusting Nature & Lessons Learned


Now that the SUITS premiere has aired, we have a few more details from the conference call interview with star Patrick J. Adams. In the first part of the interview, we teased the real danger that Mike will face season. Following Mike’s big misstep in trusting Paul Schulze’s Frank Gallo in “To Trouble,” viewers may have a good idea of where that danger is coming from and whether Mike will make the same kind of mistake ever again. Below, find out what Adams had to say on those topics, as well as what else we might expect Mike to learn from his time in prison.

On Mike’s Trusting Nature. “I think one of the big pitfalls of Mike is…that he falls for a good sob story pretty quickly. He can be sort of naive when he hears about somebody’s personal tragedy, and I think that sort of sets us off really nicely on the sixth season and sets up who he can trust and who he can’t trust. I think it’s a lesson that, in prison, he’s only going to need to learn once, which is great for Mike. I think he spent six seasons trying to learn that he can’t always just fall for the first sob story that he hears. But he kind of always falls into the trap because the consequences aren’t always as extreme as they’re going to be in prison. This is a place where there’s really no room for error. And he makes a pretty extreme error in the first episode, so he’s got to do everything he can to make up for it and be more prepared the next time around.”

More On Putting Mike Ross’ Life In Danger. After watching the SUITS season 6 premiere, it’s obvious that Mike can look forward to trouble coming from Frank Gallo. But how much of the physical danger that Adams teased during his conference call was coming from this character? And how much might just be the result of Mike making additional enemies, thanks to the tendency to run his smart mouth?

“This Gallo character is obviously the biggest source of danger for Mike. Now, I think a big part of that danger could be Mike’s tendency to run his mouth or to make extreme choices that might piss somebody off. But Gallo will be the person that he is pissing off.”

Adams did, however, tease a second form of danger that’s going to be a big part of the SUITS arc this season. Without giving away too much, he said, “Mike is going to be put in a very typical Mike Ross situation, where he’s going to have to make a very difficult moral decision about doing what he knows, in his heart, is right and what he knows is going to help him get out. And that’s a big driving force of the season.”

On Lessons Learned And Mike’s Development. Mike meets a prison counselor in “To Trouble.” With his guidance, what will Mike learn? “That character is there to help Mike go through the process of taking responsibility for what he’s done — something he’d already begun the process of by basically taking the bullet for his friends and deciding to go to prison in the first place. But there’s still, I think, some part of Mike that believes that he’s been hard done by, or that he doesn’t really deserve to be there, or that he’s different from everybody else in there.”

Mike is, however, a criminal just like his fellow inmates, so Warner’s character is “there to put Mike in his place a little bit and say, ‘hey, you did something really wrong. And until you really take responsibility for that — not just in action but in your heart and your soul — and begin to make amends for that, you’re not going to get anywhere. You’re just going to be the same person.’”

Be prepared, then, for the prison storyline to be “not just plot-driven but character-driven.” In the end, if and when Mike gets out of prison, expect him to have served his time “because it was what he had to do in order to move on with his life” and not just because he felt like it was “expected of him.”

Tune in to the next episode of SUITS on Wednesday, July 20 at 9/8c on USA Network.

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