ARROW Comic-Con Panel and Trailer: The Cast and Producers Tease Season 5 and Reveal New Footage


Season 4 of ARROW ended on such a bittersweet note. We lost Laurel and Team Arrow has been disbanded, following the events of the finale. Dahrk was defeated, but Diggle and Thea begged off the team in order to heal their wounds and rethink  their life choices. Oliver and Felicity were the only ones left standing and, with Oliver starting his new job as Mayor of Star City, we are all so curious to find out how everything is going to play out.

ARROW stars Stephen Amell, David Ramsey, Emily Bett Rickards, Willa Holland, Paul Blackthorne, and Echo Kellum — along with executive producers Wendy Mericle and Mac Guggenheim — took to the stage at San Diego Comic-Con to tease what’s coming up in season 5.

Thanks to a new preview for season 5, we know that Oliver will be training new vigilantes. We were also told that the new big bad for the year will be known as Prometheus, but it’s not the Prometheus from Justice League. He will fit into the theme of “legacy” for the year.

Other highlights:

  • Katie Cassidy will be appearing in episode 5.01 of ARROW. She is also not gone from the DC universe and will be appearing in ARROW, FLASH and LEGENDS OF TOMORROW in the future.
  • Amell said there was an extreme version of Oliver in season 1 and a reactionary Oliver in season 2 after the death of Tommy. But now Oliver is back to the mission of honoring what his father asked him to do and protect Star City. It might not be the end of the show, but it’s the end of a five-year journey. And if they do this year right, they can start anew in season 6.
  • The 100th episode will be episode 5.08 and it will be chapter 2 of the three-part crossover. And then episode 5.09 will be the mid-season finale.
  • Rickards said that Felicity will be dealing with a lot of bottled-up emotions in season 5. She’s holding on to the guilt of killing 10,000 people and trying to deal with that.
  • At the beginning of season 5, Diggle is with special forces in Chechnya. He misses the team, but he’s still dealing with the tragic death of Black Canary and the death of his brother. During THE FLASH panel they also revealed that he will be affected by the Flashpoint storyline.
  • We’ll be finding out a lot more about Curtis this year, especially with respect to his marriage. He wants to become a vigilante and start fighting crime. At the same time, he’s got this husband at home who will start to notice something is up and it’s going to raise some questions.
  • In season 4, Thea went through a lot and in season 5 she’ll be helping Oliver out in different ways, according to Holland. He’s a vigilante moonlighting as a mayor, so it sounds like Thea will be helping Oliver at City Hall. Amell said that Oliver’s focus is on being a vigilante and Thea is carrying all the water as mayor.
  • Malcolm will be wearing a lot of different hats across the DC shows next season.
  • What’s in store for Oliver and Felicity in season 5? “It’s still a partnership,” Mericle said. Their relationship is a bit ambiguous, but the fans will find out more.

ARROW will return on Wednesday, October 5 at 8:00 p.m. ET/PT on The CW. 

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