PRISON BREAK Sneak Peek: Michael Hatches a Plan


How many prisons can Michael Schofield break out of? According to a sneak peek from the Fox PRISON BREAK revival: at least one more.

When we last saw the PRISON BREAK gang, they had all (with the exception of T-Bag) been pardoned and were living unassuming lives. Michael had passed away and Sara was raising their son. But it turns out that Michael isn’t dead after all. When T-Bag delivers this news to Lincoln, he and C-Note travel overseas to confirm that Michael is alive and figure out a way to get him out of prison.

But Michael is already hatching a plan of his own inside the foreign prison and it involves a stick of gum from a fellow inmate.

Watch a sneak peek below from the new PRISON BREAK, which premieres in the spring of 2017.

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