SHERLOCK Season 4 Trailer: Something’s Coming….


“Something’s coming,” Sherlock Holmes warns ominously in the new trailer for season 4 of SHERLOCK that premiered at San Diego Comic-Con. Something….or someone? Is it Moriarty? Sherlock doesn’t know, according to the video below. But he seems to think he can get ahead of the situation.

We see a government representative tell Sherlock that he was brought back to England to deal with it and they want to know how he’s going to handle this new threat. There’s also a lot of action coming in the new season, what with the helicopters, fights and infiltration scenes. And there’s also the small matter of Sherlock’s demons coming to collect him…and a rare moment of fear on his face.

In addition to the trailer, SHERLOCK creators Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss put together an amusing video with them trying to decide which cast members would be heading to Comic-Con.

SHERLOCK will return for its fourth season in 2017.

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