UNREAL Sneak Peek: Quinn’s In Charge


After several weeks of upheaval and unrest, the reality-show inside UNREAL has a show-runner: Quinn. But it’s all tight-lips and shut-mouths because of the behind-the-scenes drama, so in order to combat this Quinn gives one big instruction: shove romance down the audience’s throat.

That romance may be a little complicated, however, because according to Jay and Madison, the girls are still worried about Darius and his health. But, of course, Quinn has the solution: lovely, sickly sweet romantic dates complete with helicopter rides and dancing should show the girls that Darius is up to snuff.

Viewers will have to see if this new plan works. Catch an all new UNREAL tonight (July 25) at 10:00 p.m. ET/PT on Lifetime.

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