UnREAL Recap: Unloading Baggage


Quinn’s back in charge as things continue to spin out on this week’s UnREAL, with Darius missing, Rachel dealing with huge secrets, and Coleman figuring out Yael is more than an Everlasting contestant. The hour takes a turn and leaves questions about whose side a certain character is on and just a lot of questions in general.

Though they expected Darius to still be in the hospital, the moment Quinn starts up production again officially as showrunner, Chet tells Quinn that he’s gone missing. A start this is pretty much indicative of how fast the reality show is spiraling into some sketchy territory. Of course, Quinn being Quinn, she turns it around and with Madison’s idea, they make it so the final four girls duke it out in trivia to get immunity and then vote one of the girls off of the show.

But on UnREAL things, so rarely end up going as precisely planned and giving the power to vote a girl off leads to the productions favorites being threatened, namely Tiffany. But that’s where Jay and Chet come into play. While they all have their battling agendas, they all have a common denominator and it’s to make sure that however it plays out, it drives ratings (and possibly careers beyond the show). The production crew spends most of the hour trying to find Darius.

When Jay finds Darius, it’s with Ruby’s cooperation. After seeing Ruby and Darius talk, you can’t help but feel for Ruby and completely side with her argument for why she shouldn’t give Darius another chance after essentially publicly humiliating her on television. Jay tries to sell Darius the benefits of the show and after explaining the benefits of ultimately picking Tiffany, for not only him but his family as well, he decides to come back. And come back he does, in dramatic fashion, as he declares that his return is contingent on doing things his way, which includes making Tiffany stick around, despite the girls already trying to vote her off. Ultimately, Jameson went home. Another condition of Darius’ return? That Rachel stay as far away from him as possible.

Meanwhile, Rachel spends the hour going from drugged up haze to leaving with Coleman to confronting her mother and the doctor she brought. The fallout from Romeo’s shooting and Darius’ arrest (which unsurprisingly and kind of disappointingly didn’t really involve much of either for most of the hour) moved Rachel’s story into a place where she finally unloaded the truth about Mary’s death to Coleman–who we last saw essentially conspiring with undercover journalist Yael to get dirt on Everlasting and what’s really going–while he had a camera rolling on her the entire time. Though she felt better, that kind of information will inevitably cause so much trouble for Quinn and Company. How much longer before that happens?

Rachel didn’t stop there, though, as she unleashed one very big secret from her past. A secret that is so dark and twisted that it explains her horrific relationship with her mother and her horrific mother in general, who actually told her during the episode that if she were to tell anyone no one would love her. In the final act of the hour, she told Coleman that the reason her mother treats her is because she was raped by a patient of hers when she was 12 and that in order to protect her practice, her mother took her on as a patient. A terrible secret and though she seemed relieved to finally tell someone, Coleman may have been a terrible choice as we see in the final minutes that he’s still willing to see Everlasting burn to the ground.

“If we were going to have kids, we would have had them by now.” That line from Quinn to Booth brought up a question about exactly how long they’ve known each other, especially if they are talking about children already. It hasn’t felt like so long so it wouldn’t make sense for a woman like Quinn, who never seemed to show any interest in children, to start talking children now. Though, that string continued throughout for her and was technically even brought up during her confrontation with Rachel’s mother.

Now to figure out how long this lasts before the unloading of all this baggage blows the show (or its crew) up?

Catch a new UnREAL on Monday, August 1 at 10:00 p.m. ET/PT on Lifetime.

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  • RRozsa

    When Quinn said “If we were going to have kids, we would have had them by now,” I don’t think she meant Booth and Quinn together — she meant each of them, independently.