BLINDSPOT: Comic-Con Video Hints at Promising Season 2


We are coming up on a new season of BLINDSPOT on NBC, and fans were treated to a tantalizing teaser video and star interviews at July’s San Diego Comic-Con, heating up excitement over the new story line to come. Are you ready?

All first season, we watched Jane Doe and Agent Weller and his FBI team puzzle out the intricate tattoos on her body. And little by little the code that was her body meshed into the vision of a conspiracy that we found out Jane Doe herself had plotted. Removed of her own memory, however, Jane Doe became a different person, and even when her own conspiracy was revealed to her, she wanted no part of it. She fought it. In the end, she killed her one contact within the conspiracy, her former lover, Oscar. On Weller’s side, it appeared that Jane Doe was his missing childhood friend Taylor Shaw, whom he missed so terribly that he wanted so desperately for Jane Doe to be, even deluding himself to believe despite mounting evidence that she wasn’t Taylor. In the final scenes of last spring’s season finale, he was confronted with the reality that Jane Doe actually wasn’t Taylor and he blew an emotional gasket. He arrested her. So what has happened to Jane Doe over our long summer?

As the official teaser video released at San Diego Comic-Con shows (see below), things haven’t gone terribly well for Jane Doe since we left her last season. “I’ve been in a hole for three months,” she says as a torture scene plays out. Season two begins brutally, and in other Comic-Con interviews, Jamie Alexander, who plays Jane Doe, reveals the questions left over from season one will be revealed and will lead us into a whole new season and in an exciting new direction, adding new cast members, the FBI team and Jane Doe digging deeper – into themselves and their relationships with each other – to find and take down the conspirators. Jane Doe desperately wants to make things right, but the team now has trust issues and quite frankly, it may be past making things right. Or is it?

Joining the cast in season 2 are Luke Mitchell as Roman and Michelle Hurd as another shadowy member of the stealthy organization that Jane Doe and Weller’s FBI Team must now hunt down. Also joining the cast is Archie Panjabi as the head of a secret division of the NSA that’s had its eye on Jane Doe from behind the scenes. Looks like the late CIA Assistant Director Carter wasn’t Jane Doe’s only interested third party.

Are we ready for a promising season ahead? BLINDSPOT returns to NBC for its second season on September 14 at 10/9c, before moving to its regular time period of Wednesdays at 8/7c the following week.

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